ON JANUARY 30, 2004 AT 12:18 PM


“I am Saint Angela Merici.

All of Us Here in the Heavens desire to speak, to aid those yet living to more fully understand the privilege they walk in, live in, and are much a great part of at This Time, because The Father has given, and is giving more than the human mind is capable of knowing, without the Instructions being Blessed by Him, for when He speaks, or He permits One of Us to speak, He Wills the Words to be His.

Each human being born is a gifted life, whether it remains living, or it is taken right at the time one would expect life to be evident.  The Father’s Love for human life has Purpose beyond what the mentality of human life can perceive It to be.  All ages of human life have the ability, responsibilities, to address each day, understanding that their Gift of life has a Purpose, a Goal that nothing else has.

Each day, All of The Saints in the Heavens pray that more human beings of all backgrounds, all degrees of human understanding, will see that to be a human being has within it Something no other living matter is conceived with, so human life obviously has a Purpose beyond what the human mentality perceives It to be.

The Words are different than the Words usually spoken on this subject, but it is to awaken some mentalities who restrict what they understand, and oftentimes omit a simple statement that describes more evidence, more proof of what human life is gifted with, for the Purpose of one day returning to The Creator and be called ‘a Saint’ by Him.

There are many individuals who do not have the privilege of being recognized in how they walked, how they lived, and how they bore all the responsibilities necessary to please The Father, but there are times that individuals do say something in favor of them.

Remember, every Soul placed into a human life is a Portion of The Creator of All Things, and do not forget, there is a Goal for living the life of a human being.  This should be a natural understanding, since, during the living years of human life, it is innate to want progress, to want hope, and to want security.

I will close These Words now, because They are endless in how so much could be spoken on enlightening the mentalities of millions of human beings on the Worth of the human mind, body, and of course, the Soul that is That Portion of The Creator that is given to human life at the moment of his or her conception.”

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