ON JANUARY 31, 2004 AT 10:50 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.  With Me Where I am, your Heavenly Mother says to please ask all who read These Words that are about to be given, because in Them, hopefully much will be understood regarding what a Precious Gift human life is through the Portion of it, and the Goal for which it was designed to be returned to at another time, even though thousands of men, women and children do not understand the Importance of, or how Precious human life is, because so much emphasis is addressed on what they see practiced in a daily way of life.  Human life has a Goal, and in this Goal there is a Purpose addressed for there to be one day, Another Saint in Heaven.

I hold the little one deeply, because My Words are not ordinary in her manner of speaking, her concern within her for all to be as it is Willed to be, and that is to help millions of human beings understand more indepthly what a Precious Gift of Divine Love it is to be born as ‘man’.  Now, when I say ‘man’, this includes the other gender of life, humanly called ‘woman’.

What is not understood by the average individual is that there is a Goal.  One would think it would be automatic, due to the fact that it is innate in the human mentality to reach for goals of all dimensions that human life feels necessary, or is just wishful thinking on certain subjects.

I know I speak differently today, but do not forget I, too, once walked the human path, thus helping Me to understand how to aid, to encourage, to direct, to emphasize and to more clearly state the Importance of human life as it is lived day by day.

My Words through this little one rob her of a certain degree of physical strength that is not understood by others, but it is necessary in the manner of how We speak through her, thus giving her the ability to separate what she would think if Our Presence was not put in the Degree of Power for her to be able to take Our Words and repeat What We tell her to say, because she does not hear Our Voice as a voice of the human way.

Today there are thousands of all ages of human life doing many things, accepting much advice from those they meet, they know, or are related to them.  Human communication is a Gift of Divine Love, greater than it is understood to be.

I must add My next Words to show to all who read the Words, that to walk how this little one walks, there is no thought that is hers, what is Willed to be spoken for the benefit of others to learn, to understand more, and to be able to grow closer to The Divine.

Our Words are spoken One at a time, basically from Another Source, of not hearing, but it can be termed ‘an Instilling’ that The Father has designed to allow a Gift of This Greatness to be passed on to millions who could not be present when Someone from Here speaks; but also, the Wording is to help human beings increase their understandability of how close The Creator is to them, plus All The Saints He uses to deliver Words that are not ordinary in Their Purpose, but are definitely of Divine Plan, to aid, to instruct, to encourage, helping those who read the Words to more deeply, more consciously, more deliberately, more emphatically know, that only The Divine would care to help human beings of all ages to understand that in the Creation of human life, all things in the past, up to this time, and it will continue through time, are meant to give to human beings the value, the purpose, the goal to become more understanding, that within them they possess a Portion of The Creator, called ‘the Soul’, and it is That Portion of life that is to return to The Creator and be called ‘Saint’.”

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