ON FEBRUARY 2, 2004 AT 12:05 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

You who live at this time have been, in many ways, given the opportunities to personally learn more about how I feel about human life.  In the Creation of it, I immediately created it for a Purpose, a Goal, because within it I placed, from the beginning, a Portion of Myself in it, thus giving to human life an improvement over what all other things created consist of.

I also instilled in human life Something that would give to human life a fuller, greater understanding of the Goal for a Portion of human life that is a Portion of Who I Am, What I Am.  It is called ‘the Soul’.

All other things created to surround human lives, were created and are created to in some ways support what human life can use, can lean upon, but also, to give to human life the sound reasonability that human life is superior, and logically has more to look forward to at a later time, that nothing else consists of, or is enabled to do.

I hold the little one tightly, because as I speak Each Word, she automatically weighs mentally, in her mentality, the value, the consistency and the indepthness in What I speak for the benefit of human life’s way and Goal.

In the beginning of the human creation, when only a smaller group of human life was created, the foundation for many things for human life to be instilled with, and to be able to use productively, physically, mentally, morally, was far less than the number that were created after the beginning of what I have just spoken about.

So much is taken for granted that oftentimes is not based on the importance of what it consists of, because it is not in the manner, degree, way, purpose I Will it to be used through the human mentality or physical strengths.

I know, to some, the Words I speak are different than they expect My Time with them, but I speak in this manner to give, to instill, and to support the sound basic values of human life’s abilities, conditions, and usefulness to how I created human life, and for which I created human life to be able to mentally, more fully understand the freedom of human thoughts, actions, abilities gives to human life more than anything else created consists of.

Even though I speak in a concise manner at this time, it is important for those who read the Words to understand in My Creation of human life, it was well-planned.  In the beginning, those who were created were based on what would be called ‘the initial introduction’ to what human life would conceive, perceive, and be able to understand as being a means to how they were to live, how they were to speak, and how they were to use their mentality.

Many who read These Words might find Them difficult, but many times when learning important issues, concerns, values, takes more time to be seen in the correctness of it, the logic of it, the importance of it, and of course, the usefulness that eventually shows.

I know I instruct differently through this little one I have chosen for such a Major Task, but it is a step leading to a Gift for more human beings to develop within their mentalities, their actions, their abilities, to not walk as if they are alone, but to give them the hope that what they do, what they practice, they are accountable for to Who I Am, What I Am, because I created all there is that is feasible, factual, and fundamentally good for the human side, and for That Portion within each human life, that is a Portion of Me, a Part of Me, with a name so easy to know, to speak, to remember.  It is called ‘the Soul’.”

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