ON FEBRUARY 3, 2004 AT 11:58 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

There are so many situations, conditions that are of importance in the ways of human lives:  some are called ‘social’; some called ‘business’; some refer to ‘politeness’ regarding the attitude towards another human being.

I will not describe more of these terms at this time, but it is important that in the human state of life, ‘respect’ for each other, ‘good intentions’ toward each other, are two very important terms that automatically reflect that recognition of the dignity that is necessary in human life, should always be respected.

Today as I speak, I speak regarding the value, the importance, and the necessity for human beings of all ages to never dismiss the privilege of being a human being, and that in its way, its Purpose and its Goal, it should be seen as a privilege, respecting what it was created for, because in human life, at the moment of conception, is gifted with a Soul.

The Soul is More Important than the human mentality understands It to be, because the Soul is a Portion of Who I Am, What I Am, thus being the Strength behind human life through My instilling in it the Gift of abilities, such as knowledge, understanding, communicative measures of speech, of hearing, and of being able to rationalize purity over impurities, reality over what is unreal.

I speak oftentimes on subjects that those who hear Them and/or read Them, do not realize how close I am, how willing I am to encourage what they do, practice, think, or become part of, because it is not easy for the average thoughts of all ages of human life to keep in mind that they represent a manner of living, of communication with others that was and is basically based on the Divine Reasonability, Values and Sound Perception of kindness, respect for each other.

The world, in some places, is full of individual human beings that do not respect what life is all about, and they basically misunderstand that human life is the foundation for Another Time to come, because all of the time in which they live, everything they do or communicate in, is recorded in their Soul, and this Soul, as the recipient, will stand before The Creator, like nothing else created has the privilege to do.

I speak differently, but I have opened a path of reasonability that gives strength, and a deeper understanding of the Importance of human life that nothing else living is the recipient of.”

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