ON FEBRUARY 4, 2004 AT 8:43 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

I smile when I speak These Words, because as I speak to this little one, she cannot resist What I Will to say to thousands of human beings, aiding them and encouraging them to not just believe in Who I Am, but to follow what I Will them to do in their physical manner of life.

Without the Gift of speech, human beings of all ages could not handle all there is to be part of, and to understand all the actions, the directions, the communications, and the human plans.  Speech is a Blessing beyond what it is understood to be, so as I speak through one small voice, body, My Words are being delivered so that millions of human beings will better understand My Closeness to human life, and Who I Am.

So many individuals try to ignore My Existence because they cannot see Me, but this, of course, is only an excuse, because they are surrounded with all I created that no one else could do; also, My Presence is evident, even when the human mentality cannot hear Me.

I designed the human way to be able to discern important factors, issues, through the sight in the eyes, and through the way the mannerisms of others are used.

I hold the little one tightly, and I stop her tears, because she is so conscientious on Every Word I deliver through her for others to read and to more fully understand the Importance of human life, and that I, as The Creator of it, left nothing out of it that would not aid what the human mind can understand.

I close These Words with a Blessing, and in My Way, I say to the little one, ‘Thank you for loving Me, else Our Relationship would be sad.’”

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