ON FEBRUARY 4, 2004 AT 12:43 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

I am going to ask you to think about something, and as you think about it, put it in a questionable form: ‘What makes me believe that there is a Creator above and beyond what I could possibly know One to be?  Would it not have to be Something innate in me to think this way, and to rationalize the obvious, natural situation that obviously does exist, because without it, human life would have nothing to place values on, depend on, or something to look forward to?  Would it not just be daily life with all that occurs?’

This would be sad to everyone created in a human way, because in the design of human life, there were many, many Gifts assigned for all ages to be able to understand more than the animals understand, or any other living thing understands.

Human life is gifted with a Soul, a Portion of The Creator, thus giving to human life a definite sensitivity that within them they have Something More than anything else created, because It gives strength where it is needed — physical, mental and moral.  It gives hope where it is needed, hope in many areas of how an individual lives, acts, thinks, practices, or becomes part of morally, mentally, socially, physically.

I know as I speak, My Words to some will be termed ‘heavy’, to others it will be a joy to hear It spoken so openly.

So little is thought about regarding the Gifts of human life.  Oh, some depend upon the fact that they can hear or they can see gives them a strength for many things daily.  Then, there is the Gift of being able to learn about so many things indepthly at times, thus giving hope and an inner energy to use human life to more fully grasp, understand, and fulfill obstacles that need help, or social life that gives life more meaning physically, that gives to life the strength to endure.

I know I speak differently than you have heard before, but it is important that in the human way in how an individual practices subject matter to think about, or activities that to some will mean nothing, and yet to some will give strength, hope, and a new lease on life.

As I speak through This Gift of Divine Love, I must add My next Statement:  There are millions of Words available, not just to hear, but to see the value of, and how These Words, many of Them, can pertain to a more realistic understanding of the Gifts of human life are sometimes, oftentimes based mainly on the mental sensitivities, or the different degrees that an individual practices in seeking The Father’s Will for what an individual is about to do, even to think.

Logic should tell every living human being that there is a Creator constantly present that gives strength and more understanding to the way of human life, but also instructs on the Goal for which human life was created.

I could speak hours on end, on these Gifts of Divine Love that are available to every living human being but are oftentimes ignored, because the mentalities in some feel fulfilled to the rim, and they do not feel they need any more to learn about; but as I close These Words at this time in which you live, I beseech you to remember:  All you are, all you have, all you are capable of doing, learning, practicing, do not forget, it is All recorded by The Divine.”

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