ON FEBRUARY 14, 2004 AT 11:10 AM


“I am Saint Angela Merici.

The little one I speak through today, many times called upon Me when she was very, very young.  At that time, Many of Us suspected, and Some knew, that her love for The Creator would open up avenues to many areas wherein human beings of all ages would grow more in understanding of Divine Love, because this little one was chosen to carry on what she willed The Father to help her with in all areas of life.

Today as I speak, I speak with sincerity, with hope, that more human beings of all ages of life learn to depend upon Those Who at one time walked the earth, are now proclaimed ‘Saints’ Here Where I am.

The Heavenly Father smiles at These Words, because there are so many needs in the human way of life that can be helped if help is asked for.  This Statement may sound different than some would suspect it to be put in this way, but oftentimes, when there is a need or a desire for something good, or an improvement of something is seen by the one or ones close to it, so much is taken for granted or just accepted, but it would be wise for human beings of all ages to remember to request aid, and then give thanks when circumstances were obviously aided.

Today as I speak, there are millions of human beings of all ages, all backgrounds throughout the world who rarely, if ever, use prayer for aid, for understanding of, for dependence on, giving them the strength to act in the proper, orderly way that basically would ease whatever the situation may be, whatever the problem could cause to their way of life.  Prayer is the communication rarely thought about as a consistent communication.  I do not mean every moment of the day, but I do mean to occasionally, during the day, to remember that no human being is ever totally alone, even when no other human being is present.

The Father, in the Creation of human life, implanted a Portion of Himself called ‘the Soul’, thus giving to human life a Means different than what the physical knows or understands fully.  The Soul, as a Portion of The Creator, is able to ease, to aid, to comfort many, many things, not always in an obvious way, but in a Divine Way, thus giving to the individual or individuals, the ability to understand that when help is needed, there is always Someone available.

Granted, all things are not put into the same manner, or applied to the same conditions that the human mind understands, but no prayer is never heard.  Remember, your Soul is ‘the Connecting Link’ of Divine Love between The Creator and every human being born.

Some who read These Words will find Them helpful.  That is My purpose for what I have just spoken, because there is never a resistance to a prayer that requests aid.  Granted, what help does arrive, or replaces what is asked, is definitely given to the degree and the way that the individual is helped in the way The Father sees it best for all things it is associated with, for all things occurring.”

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