ON FEBRUARY 17, 2004 AT 11:53 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

The multiple weight and degree of burden on this little one, and within her, are beyond what the human mind can perceive it to be.

Through This Gift of My Divine Love, I have allowed so much to be revealed so that all ages of human life would understand that I am always aware of all that every human being uses or acts upon, whether it be special, or for other reasons regarding their wishes, or anticipations, or goals.

So much has been given through Words, and so little has been responded to, based on the Words.  Human beings have the capability of reading script.  Some call it ‘wording’, but many times they ignore the full concept of what the words mean.  This often happens when it refers to their manner of living, or how they respond to life morally, psychologically, intimately, or just through acquaintances they come upon in their daily manner of living.

As the little one listens to what I speak, she apologizes for what I Willed others to know but It was not spread far enough, or indepthly enough.  Human beings, human life, human mentalities, have a way of accepting what pleases them personally, what they can relate to personally, and what they feel is adequate to their manner of life, to how they live, how they speak, and what they practice morally.

You live in a time where all things look natural, acceptable, and pertain to the time; of course, based on the year or years you are acquainted with personally.

Since the beginning of human life, I have addressed thousands and thousands of subjects, never leaving human lives alone, to be totally at their own perception of how to determine My Will, how I would want them to respond.

What I am about to say next is also of great importance.  It is called ‘religious understanding’, based on what an individual should understand on What I Am All About, and What All Others Here with Me Are All About.  The answer is simple: ‘purity’ in one’s thinking, actions, words, and goals.  Some individuals ignore the word ‘purity’, oftentimes suggesting that it is a word that over-expresses what individuals understand it to mean.  Of course, this is an excuse, and not a just one.

Today, as many read What I have just spoken, they will find It not My Way to speak, but I assure you, every human being created is Blessed with a Portion of What I Am.  It is called ‘a Soul’, because in the Creation of human life, and as it being what I Decreed it to be gifted with, I would never have not given to it a Portion of What I Am, because this is Support, it is Strength, it is Logical.  I did not create human life without My being a Part of it.

If you see a stone on the ground, or anywhere, very often the stone represents an area of placement, and that in the stone there is something from the earth that can make this stone either unbreakable or softer in how it is.  It all depends upon the area it comes from.

Human life is created in many areas of the world, and oftentimes, every area has a different manner of how they think physically, or morally.  You hear some people say, ‘No stone must not be overturned,’ as you are looking for something that is buried with stones some place.  This expression has an importance to it.

Human life can be compared to something I created, I built, that is never to be overlooked, because within it I have put a Portion of Myself, to protect it, to give it strength to endure, and to stand up against all the odds that it will be imposed with, because the odds will be immoral, impure, unjust, and if they are not removed, the Soul will be the recipient, because the body will not remain beyond the time it is declared to withstand how the body is no longer human in any way.

The little one knows that All I have just spoken will be difficult for many to handle.  I will guide her on this.  She depends upon Me.”

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