ON FEBRUARY 21, 2004 AT 11:17 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

At this time that so many men, women and children have been gifted with living the life of a human being, I chose ‘this time’ for much to be released for the mentalities of all who live, to more innately understand what a Precious Gift human life is, and that it has a Goal to return to Me, because in My Creation of it, I desire That Portion of Who I Am in it, to one day be happy and see all that is and was necessary to follow, and be a part of the Goal of Sainthood.

Many will find My Words difficult to understand, because basically they have never really considered their human body being created by Me.  They see only the physical human method of how human life is created, thus dismissing that I used a method Greater than it could be understood, as being a Portion of Me.

I hold the little one tightly as I draw her in more deeply to feel My Presence, but also, thus bringing her closer to Who I Am.

A long time ago, when I entrusted her, choosing her to walk a Path other than the human role, she asked Me, ‘How far will It go?’ I smile at this, because this little one wanted the Facts understandable to her, so she would never not know what was necessary to speak, to see, or to commit total responsibility for.

I hold her so deeply at this time, because her life with The Divine is quite different than the human role of what human life is part of, in many areas of knowledge, communication with others, and different human abilities that are needed to support all different degrees and abilities that human life is responsible for morally, mentally, socially, physically.

Though it is difficult for many to understand what a difficult position of life I have instilled within her, she openly denies any infractions to become a disturbance to What I Will her to achieve, because of the Souls that are the victims of so many disgraceful practices, actions, or thinking.

As I close My Words at this time, she says to Me, ‘I want to cry, but I cannot shed the tears because My Words will not allow them to show.’ I smile at this, because there are many times her tears are kept from showing, because others could not understand the indepthness of What is instilled within her.  They only see the Words and understand the Words to their dimension of mentality.

I know I speak differently, but these times have been many over the years, due to the fact that her small body is the recipient of more than what others determine the Words to mean.  So much is thought of in a light manner, but to her, it is deep in Responsibilities.”

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