ON FEBRUARY 26, 2004 AT 11:45 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

As human life has been accustomed to the word ‘time’, it has given to human life logic and the ability of order in one’s life, because time, as it is spoken to be by the minute or by the hour, it allows the human mentality to be more orderly, and to be able to exercise responsibility logically, and in the order best suited to them and for them.

When a child kneels, a child of any age of life, and prayers pour forth in what they want to say to be heard, to be accepted as communication from them to The Divine, it, to All of Us, is a pleasure in this communication that in so many ways is silent, and many times only involves a subject matter that possibly is important to remember morally, mentally, spiritually, or just because of the need for the results that will result from the words.

I speak differently, I know.  By this Statement, I mean most human beings do not expect Me to speak on humanistic values, subjects and/or what they think I can help them with in their way of life, even when it is not a Spiritual communication, so to speak.

I close These Words at this time, because My Closeness to human life is instant, continuous, and cared for, because in communication on any subject, I have the opportunity to instill a certain degree of what I feel the individual might need for correct results to be attained.

My Love for human life is beyond what a human being can perceive It to be.  Do not forget, I Designed and Created the first human beings.”

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