ON MARCH 1, 2004 AT 1:00 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

I have selected this time to speak because of the necessity for all human life to know that everything they think, speak, and act upon, affects their Souls.

We hear some say, ‘I cannot see my Soul, so how do I know It is present in me every day?’ This answer is easy.  First of all, the human perception of what is right over what is wrong, what is good over what is evil, what is truth over untruth, is logically based on the values of what the subject matter is, what it pertains to.

Throughout the world there are many different degrees of mental intellect.  There are many excuses made due to the fact of so many different forms of language is used in discussing an important issue.  Some would say that this would not be the case with them, but I, your Heavenly Father say, ‘The mentality has a way of placing much assurance to others on what they will to say, to think, to be a part of, and to practice how they see it and refuse to see it any other way.’

You do live in a time wherein there is much irresponsibility and irrational decisions regarding many facts in human life.

Speaking this way will be difficult for some to understand, but if they look at It long enough in print, they will be able to associate with It according to how they think, how they live, what they practice, and how they determine facts, because dealing with human life is not a fictional character or characteristic that should be seen as perfect.  The human mentality oftentimes digresses into what they feel emotionally secure with, and also, emotionally more than what others see the situation as it is.

I know My Words are different, but sometimes it takes things spoken like I have just spoken to awaken certain facts that are never thought about:  certain conditions, certain evaluations, certain practices to how an individual responds in life to all that comes its way.

Children are not being seen many times for their inability to discern, thus allowing them to choose wrong over right.  Also, emotionalism in human life can be a disaster to many areas, because emotionalism oftentimes is based on not right and wrong, or right over wrong, but based on one’s opinion that is not one hundred percent what it should be.  Oh, it can have a certain fraction of it that is logical, reasonable, and hopefully helpful, but you do live in a time where so little is looked at in its full distinct value of what it pertains to.

I know I speak differently, and I know some will find it difficult to include What I have just spoken in how they think, how they feel, but nonetheless, It will be an awakening to some who will profit from It a great deal.

Divine Love for human life is beyond what the human mentality can perceive It to be.  Human life grades love on how they feel about others, or about certain things, many times dismissing sound facts, sound values, sound logic, beneficial to what they will it to be.

Yes, I speak differently today, but sometimes it is necessary, because it awakens perhaps one fact that is necessary for an individual to grow physically, morally, mentally, socially, even monetarily.

In closing, I say: ‘Do not look at These Words as ordinary.  They are Words to give you the courage to think before you act or speak.’ The list is endless.

I smile when I end My Words with: ‘I love you.  You were created by Me in the manner I designed human creation to be, and those who were involved in your creation were also created by Me.  The lineage is a long, long way.’

I smile when I say, ‘I bless you for your patience, I bless you for your love, and I bless you to want to please Me, but I also bless you for your intentions in all you do that give to your life and others’ lives, more help, more assurance, and a more Spiritual view.’”

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