ON MARCH 2, 2004 AT 12:43 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

I have alerted the little one I use to the many major catastrophic occurrences that could occur because of the excess amount of human interpretations of what is morally sound, pure, just, and acceptable, though the average individual knows but rarely speaks of immorality, impurities physical, mental, using the body or the mind in suggestive motives to appease only what would be called ‘sensual, sexual advances’.

I speak differently, I know, and it is sad for Me to speak this way, but you do live in a time wherein morality has diminished in every facet of it, every need for it, in every use of it.

Freedom of action, freedom to do what one wills to do has a proper place, because of the human Gift of being able to do so many things physically, mentally, but there is one big factor that should never be dismissed, and that is, if I were present, would you feel right doing it?  Would you feel that I would be pleased?  Would you feel that it should be acceptable because it is of the human nature, stature, inclination, and/or willingness to practice the freedom to do what you will, any time you will to do it?

Today you do live in a time wherein there is much indifference to not only The Commandments of The Creator, but to the decencies of morality that exclude what morality is all about, and why The Father allowed morality to be created, giving to human life an important issue or fact that is beneficial to the Soul, or it can harm the Soul in more ways than a human mind can perceive it to be able to do.

I could speak hours on this subject, but there will be many who will read It and ignore It, because within their mentality they say, ‘As a human being I have the freedom to think like I want to think, speak as I will to speak, practice what I feel is comfortable for me.’

Needless to say, I could speak hours on this subject.  I have only touched on it, but I assure you of one thing:  There is a time when every living human being’s Soul will be the victim of what the individual, in whom They were placed, will cause Them to suffer, or walk in Grace.

I could write thousands of Words on this subject, because you see, it is important that purity not be a thing of what others use, but to be constantly thought of as a portion of life that would be rejected by animals if it were wrong.

I can say no more at this time, but I leave These Words with much concern.”

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