ON MARCH 8, 2004 AT 1:50 PM


“I am Saint Angela Merici.

We All smile, Those Who are Here with Me as I speak My Words, hopefully to aid those who take Them and those who will read Them, in a fuller, greater, more in-depth understanding on the Importance of This Gift of Divine Love that has given to human lives of all ages, and is still giving, Words to help them think more indepthly, more directly, more logically on what a privilege human life is.

Throughout the world there are men, women and children who in many ways are starving for such Information as is being passed through This Gift of Divine Love.  So many are dependent on those who feel they know what is good to speak about, but basically it is irrational in concept, content, and direction, even when the individual instructing is supposed to be well-informed on the Spiritual meanings, concepts, and the importance of it that human beings are the recipients of.

It is sad when something calls for a word of encouragement, spiritually-oriented, giving more strength, purpose to what is needed to give to an individual, or several individuals, a fuller, more in-depth understanding of the closeness they are, they have, they are capable of calling upon, such as The Heavenly Father, The Heavenly Mother, and/or All The Saints in the Heavens.

Though spirituality has taken on a different role in many ways, places, situations, conditions, due to those who feel they are updated on a more realistic version in how to deal with prayer, or Spiritual direction, but I assure you, much is done out of pride, ego, and little true understanding of the importance that The Father Wills something to be explained in a manner, way, and degree more feasible to the mentality receiving it.

I do not mean that the person receiving it is an illiterate, inconceivable to understand, but what I am saying is:  so many times, there is so much pride in how one explains spirituality to someone else, thus not really saying it in the full, true measure of how The Father Wills it, how The Mother Wills it to be delivered, thus making it more personal for the one hearing it, or more Spiritual in concept, content, giving hope and Divine Love along with it.

I could speak hours on this subject, because it is so important that spirituality be understood as a strength for hope, in hope, and a Gift of Divine Love beyond what the human mind has heard in a casual way, or perhaps in a formal written way, that left out the Warmth, the Sensitivity, and the Divine Love that does exist, because The Father loves all human life, and wants them to know this.”

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