ON MARCH 13, 2004 AT 11:56 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

At one time in the History of human life, I chose particular men to walk a path that would instruct others on the Importance of human life and the Goal that I had for it, because of My Love for this Creation of Mine that would be capable of so many things to accomplish, to aid those who would need them, or who would use them to better their life, to protect their Souls, and look to the Future to one day return to Me, their Souls.

The little one I use is a target for so many inconceivable reasonings; human jealousy is one.  I cannot name them all at this time, as I have Blessed the world through This Time, instructing in so many areas to who read the Words, and then apply What I mean in the Words, to how they live and what I expect of them, and the things perhaps that do not please Me.  The Commandments are just one of these that point to Definite Wording, but there are more times that I spoke for human behavior to be seen as a Gift, but also a responsibility.

I have given to the world a small voice, thus allowing those who hear to not feel a demanding of what the Words would mean, but more likely a sharing of an Importance regarding the responsibilities.

I add to this:  I am grateful for What has been spoken previous to this time.  I now speak because in It, the knowledge of It, will help the little one stand up to what she ordinarily would want to ignore, not for her sake, but for the sake of others, because she has the quality within her to be strong.

As I close These Words, I close Them with My Divine Love for Truth that was spoken, thus giving an important issue more understanding, and the chance to face it with strength that others do not know about in her manner of expression.”

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