ON MARCH 13, 2004 AT 2:30 PM


“I am Saint Gregory the Great.

Few human beings understand the privilege of living as a human being.  In The Father’s Creation of human life, He instilled in it many rights, along with privileges in a multiple degree and number.

Today as I speak These Words, there are millions and millions and millions of human beings who do not understand the Gift of life, the Importance of life, and the Goal The Father has for it at a time when He feels it is correct for Him to accept the Souls.

The whole world has been Blessed with This Gift of Divine Love wherein so much is being brought to light, allowed to be understood for what a great Gift It is to every human being born.  Sometimes, more acceptance of the mentality is treated better than the Gift of life, because the mentality is recognized in what is called ‘intellect’, so some, in their own way, ignore the Gift of life as the greatest Gift, because without the Gift of life, there would be no reason for the mentality.

I speak differently at this time, but many times it is important for certain individuals to be reminded that their life in the human way has much more reasonability than they perceive it to be.

I will speak now on a different subject.  The world has been Blessed by This Gift that speaks so openly in a logical reality of instructing those who read the Words to remember that the Gift of life for human beings was first shown how Important it was at the Crucifixion of The Son of The Creator, called ‘Jesus Christ’.  This Sacrifice was far beyond what it has ever been understood to be, because in it The Creator of All Things opened the mental understanding that there would be some human creations that would not practice the Gift of life in honorable understanding of how it should be treated, used and/or seen.

Much has been instructed on the importance of the living part, but it is important that only the human life is gifted with the Soul instilled, for It to be one day returned, bearing the name of the one in whom It was placed, thus allowing all human beings to realize, to be born a human being is to one day have the privilege to return to The Creator and be called ‘a Saint’.  No other living matter or thing has this privilege, because human life is instilled with a Portion of The Creator that is never seen in an ordinary way, but is obvious even in how an individual knows, through one’s actions and speech, where purity, justice are the responses, not allowing unclean words, actions, and other such things to enter the daily activities of an individual.

Though it is difficult for many to understand that The Creator would allow such as this to be, the Gift of a free will, along with the Gifts of so many advantages and abilities to accept morality over immorality, purity over impurity, justice over injustice, hope over despair, love over hate, logic over what would be illogical.  The list is endless, so I will stop here.

So many individuals have the ability to understand what it will take for them to become ‘a Saint’ and return to The Creator, being able to say personally to Him, ‘Thank You, my Father, for blessing me with the privilege of the Name.’”

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