ON MARCH 15, 2004 AT 12:00 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

The little one I use is being prepared by Me to accept more than would be feasible for a human being to be able to endure the Responsibilities.

Today as I speak, I speak with Deep Love for This Gift I have given to the world, not just where you live, but to the whole world.

It is important that human beings of all ages more fully understand that as they were created in the human form, there was a Superior Entity of Life that caused this to occur.

I speak firmly, because though there are doubts of individuals that I would use one such as she is for a Task such as I am delivering for Souls, a Soul is Important, because It is a Portion of What I Am, and This is what I have shared with human beings since the beginning of the Creation of human life.  The very knowledge that a human being has a Soul should give them the understanding based on a ‘Thank You’ for sharing What I Am, Who I Am, for them to have the strength to one day return to Me and be called ‘a Saint’.

This little one is so obviously concerned that All that passes through her is What I Will her to learn to use in My Name, but for others to learn so they, too, can become ‘Saints’.

I will close now.  Her physical is spent, but I bless those who use This Gift of Mine, sharing It with others, whether the others accept It or reject It.  The time will come and they will need the Strength of the Words they once learned, to become ‘a Saint’.”

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