ON MARCH 15, 2004 AT 12:48 PM


“The little one says: ‘There must be Twelve around me at this moment.  I feel Your Presence, I feel Your Intentions, and I feel Your Desire to help all ages of human life begin to understand that morality is more than they think it to be.’

Morality is sincerity, kindness, and being good example to everyone you meet, know, live with, and see.  Morality is what shows morally, but is also part of how you speak openly.

The Commandments of The Creator were given to one individual, the Foundation for a life of purity.  Ask yourself:  Do you repeat The Commandments once a day, remembering all the things that each Commandment conveys:  every facet of human activities, thinking, practices, and walks in example to others, ones they know, and ones they just meet casually and have no communication with?

Some individuals feel if they pray enough, they will get what they are requesting, but oftentimes, the prayers they speak are not suitable to how they basically think on what they are praying for.

Throughout the world there are millions of human beings who have no conception, no innate understanding of the Importance of human life.  Some feel the word ‘Importance’ causes them to reject everything that is happiness, joy, or pleasing to them.  This ‘irrational understanding’ must change, because logic is important, and the importance of how one understands prayer to be, entitles the individual to speak to The Creator and to All The Saints, feeling a closeness that nothing on earth can help them to feel.

I know what I speak is different in concept to some, but it is important to remember that some who have spoken regarding the importance of what is right over what is wrong, pure over impure, just over unjust, only put their interpretation into what these words mean, thus resisting what The Creator of All Things would probably see as not quite the way He judges things.

So many times men, women and children feel so justified in their decisions regarding others’ lives, others’ actions, others’ close association to what is morally sound, pure, and consistent with Divine Will.

Personality is a Gift of Divine Love; responsibility also.  Genteelness comes into this fact of living, but there is also another important factor, and that is to look at one’s self in a realistic, orderly way, and think about how they approach all subjects that act out what they think, and also, how they pray.  Added to this is:  what example are they to all ages of other human beings?  The list is endless that I could speak, because human life has many Gifts, but does not always see the Gifts in the proper order, manner, degree, purpose and way.

This Gift wherein so much is spoken openly, It is for all ages of human life, all degrees of personality, background, nature, understanding and beliefs.

I beseech all who write the Words and who will read the Words, to look at the reality that is obviously there, and thank The Heavenly Father for giving you the time to resolve many things that you take part in that are not always fair in judgment, in justice, in cooperation, and in caring what impression you are extending, even if it is just momentarily.

I know I speak differently, but it is important to awaken the mentalities of those who desire to fulfill The Creator’s Will, because daily living is oftentimes a distraction, but also, it allows a way, or room, or a place for accepting what is not feasible.

I bless all who take the Words and all who will read the Words, because human life was created to one day return a Portion of it, and to use This Forever and ever and ever, a Goal Greater than any human mentality can perceive It to be.

I close These Words with much Hope and much Faith, because I know those who take the Words and those who will read Them, will find in Them the Precious Gift of Divine Grace.”

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