ON MARCH 16, 2004 AT 11:14 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

There are so many reasons why I have chosen this little one I use for the Purpose I decided, to instruct all ages of human life, all backgrounds, to understand the Importance of being created a human being, able to learn, step by step, what a Precious Gift human life is, over and above all other things created.

Within human life I have placed Gifts beyond what is openly spoken about.  It is all taken as matter-of-fact for a human being to be able to speak, but first to think, and then to, what is called, ‘be educated’ in different facets for living human life in different ways, physically, mentally, morally, and I add the word, psychologically.

Human life, in the Gift of understanding that there had to be a Supreme Power Over and Above what is a daily acceptance of living each day the human way, in the Creation of the first ones I created, I used them to give a foundation for all the others that were to come at a later time.

The Foundation for human life I planned was for the Souls that each human being born is the custodian of, are the custodians of, will always be the custodians of, because the Soul is a Portion of What I Am, Who I Am, and to be created in the human state is a Gift beyond what the average human being realizes it to be, understands, that it is a Gift that is the foundation for one day returning to Me, a Saint.

The word ‘Saint’ is oftentimes misunderstood, but I assure you It has great in-depth meaning in It, because the Soul of a human life is a Gift of My Divine Love that is inconceivable in Greatness to the human mentality, understanding, or ability to perceive What It is in Its meaning.

I will add a note to What I have just spoken, that I am sure will give more strength in understanding to those who read What I am speaking verbally and have requested to be put into print:

In My Creation of human life, the Portion within it is a Part of What I Am.  That is why it is so important that human life be treated with respect at all times, but also, to remember that there is a Goal, Greater than the human mentality realizes It to be, and that is to return to Me and be called ‘a Saint’.

Life does not end when the heart stops, when the body can no longer respond, but the Future for the Soul is a Gift of My Divine Love, thus allowing the Souls of those who return to Me, are capable of assisting and giving to those in the living state, aid when they request it, hope when it is requested, and also, strength morally, mentally, psychologically and physically.

I will close My Words at this time, but My Love for human life is of The Divine Reasonability and Love that nothing else created can compare to.  As I close These Words, I say to those who read Them, ‘Remember What you have read, and always be sure that in everything you think, say and do, I am close to you.’”

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