ON MARCH 17, 2004 AT 12:31 PM


“I am Saint Paul.  I do not speak oftentimes in This Gift of The Father’s Love, but I do, in many ways, try to instill into some individuals by My Presence that they do not see, hear, feel, or realize is there.

Decisions to human beings oftentimes causes them to misunderstand the reality that they are faced with, so they do not think of the importance in how they respond to situations that could possibly be a threat to the protection, to the piety, to the purity of their Soul.

I could speak constantly on how little, how few human beings, of all ages, ever ask for help on moral decisions.  They feel that they would not hear the answers directly, so they do what they will, at the time, would help them in a physical way, mental way, thus ignoring that their Soul is the victim, the receiver of everything they think, say and do, no matter what time of day it is, no matter who they are with, and no matter what conditions are surrounding them, giving them excuses to act impurely.

I could speak hours on this subject, but the average man, woman, of any age, does not always think before they act, nor do they consider what they participate in, that it could be driven by the enemy called ‘satan’ or one of the ones that is close to satan where he is at.

It is important that more human beings, of all ages, begin to see openly the Importance of human life.  Logic says they do not want illness, they do not want to be hurt in any way by anyone.  Then why can they not rationalize logically, that to act impurely, sinfully, abusive to what The Father would Will them to do, it is important for all ages of human life to stop thinking of what is acceptable by so many, using words of ‘It is currently being practiced,’ when it is so impure and unjust to the Soul that they are the custodian of?

I know what I have spoken, and there are Several of Us Here, is not what most individuals want to hear, want to read, want to be a victim of, and that is to have to see purely, what their intentions cause them to partake in, in every thought, word, deed, action, that they are capable of.

As I close My Words at this time, I beseech those who put Them into script to never forget, that as you have accepted, and some even chosen, to be an important part of This Gift of Divine Love wherein so Many Saints Here in the Heavens, and of course, The Father Himself and The Beloved Heavenly Mother have spoken many times, should This not be proof enough that the Gift of human life bears responsibility that an animal does not have, but human life has the Goal to reach, and that is to return to The Creator Forever and ever and ever.

Purity is not something impossible.  Purity of the mind, the body, is never impossible.  Please remember this as you read These Words that are delivered to give you more strength to understand that you are the custodian of a Portion of The Creator, purposely delivered to you at the moment of your conception, thus giving to you the strength to avoid all impurities of the mind and the body and the Soul.

As I close My Words, I say, ‘Remember, The Creator that created all that surrounds you, that has allowed you to be created a human being, you are never without His Presence every moment of every day you live.’”

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