ON MARCH 23, 2004 AT 12:33 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

Though it is difficult for hundreds or thousands of human beings to truly, fully understand My Presence at this time in such an obvious manner, due to the fact that I use this time to instruct, to notify, to encourage, and to give Direction regarding the importance of the responsibilities that each human being is the custodian of.

You live in a time of great sadness, even though the surface appears very light, airy, and acceptable.  This occurs because so many individuals are adept at covering what they fully think and practice in ways, degrees, never seen by others that they are associated with.  Yes, there are some who are bold enough to stand firm on their nature and their innate manner of walking the human way, yet oftentimes appease through a diabolical manner, way.

I know My Words will not be clearly understood by all who read Them, because it is difficult for many to fathom, in what they call ‘their wildest dream’ that I would speak through one small voice, say so much, and continue to do it.

You live in a time where so much is seen for what it is, but individuals partake in it because it is ‘the sign of the times’.

Needless to say, there are thousands of Angels present upon the earth.  Do not forget, at the conception of a human life, it is the receiver of much more than it is understood to be.

More people understand purity over impurity, justice over injustice, truth over untruth, but it is easier to ignore how they act, because in the act, whatever they choose to do, practice, be example of, they oftentimes indulge in a facade, thus hoping that the others who are present, even if there is only one present, that everything is updated, correct and easy to understand.

I speak differently today, because so much throughout the world, in the human way of living, is acceptable because it is based on a word called ‘modern’, thus giving credence to whatever they feel others will accept in the degree that is portrayed in the act, or action they are receiving, accepting, on their own.

I hold the little one tightly because My Words are so strong.  Each Word I speak is a weight to her, greater than the human mentalities of others can perceive It to be, or could understand It to be.

My Love for human life, My Desire for human life is to face the Goal that awaits it, and that is Here in the Heavens Where I Am, and Where so Many Saints have been able to make claim to becoming so close to Where I Am.

I must allow the little one to be released, because her whole being is weighted down because of the Power she has endured for so long a time, and now, but before I leave, I ask those who take the Words and those who will read Them:  never forget, you have the opportunity to return to Me with a Title of ‘Saint’.”

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