ON MARCH 25, 2004 AT 12:00 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

In My Creation of human life, it was My Desire to share so much of What I Am, How I Am, because it gives happiness, it instills happiness, and encourages happiness to prevail.

So many human beings, of all ages, do not understand My Divine Love is a Love beyond what the human life consists of, and is so Important, because It shares with other human beings a communication of respect, of caring, understanding the abilities present, and an in-depth communication that causes human lives to be capable of communication that no other animal or thing created is in total communion with.

I use the word ‘communion’, and I know some will not understand why, but as I speak today and all other times, I speak in communion with the Souls of those Who hear My Words, read My Words, and remember My Words, because of the Importance of the meaning I always extend through What I speak.

I will not speak long today, but I will close what I have to say with Sincerity and My Divine Love, to be recognized by all who are created the human way because, to Me, human lives are Important; also, through them, their Souls are the Strengths that give to human lives My Will for human life in every facet of its abilities.

I smile at this moment, though no one will see it who read the Words, but My Love for human life is more than the human mentality can perceive It to be.

I will say one more thing:  In some ways, My Love for human life is a Gift to give hope, balance, understanding, creativity, and also, the value of communication to a degree that nothing else created has the ability to receive.

I smile when I say, ‘I bless those who speak My Name any time of the day, because I do not carry a timepiece with Me.  It is not necessary where My Association is so close in reality to every human being, man, woman or child.’”

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