ON APRIL 1, 2004 AT 12:58 PM


“I am Saint Angela Merici.

There are so many times I have worked with this instrument of The Father’s Love, because in Our Association, there were always so many internal decisions that had to be discerned completely, before any other means or conditions were considered.

Today as I speak, I speak because of the Importance of how this little one walks at this time.  The value of standing for Truth against all odds has a strength in it that nothing else has, because Truth is based on The Heavenly Father’s Wishes and Desires for each human being to see and to value as a strength beyond what anything other than Truth could cause.

So much has been delivered through This Gift that has instructed so many Facts of moral values, many times based on courage of the mind, or the understanding that, without Truth, there could be a great false solution that would be devastating to many areas of another person’s life, or several other people’s way of thinking.

I will not speak long, because on a subject of this degree, there are thousands of Words to be spoken, helping all who read Them on different issues in life and how important it is to value the conditions that are the best application for Truth to be seen, felt, honored and remembered.

What I have just spoken may be difficult for some to comprehend, but as I close My Words, I remind you:  the Gift of human life is Precious in many ways, and it is faced with so many times wherein the discernment of how they should respond means so much, many times more than they can perceive it to be.

Some might wonder why I would talk this way today.  It is, in many ways, the first step in What The Father Wills human beings of all ages to begin to see that human life has many facets to it, and also, should always remember that when decisions must be made, Truth should never not be the focal, vocal, positive reason to accept openly.

I will close My Words, because to some They will be difficult, but to some They will give hope.”

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