ON APRIL 5, 2004 AT 11:56 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

There is, there are a multiple Factors, Intentions and Degrees of My Divine Love that This Gift of Mine tries to alert, instill, and help thousands of human beings to more fully understand and accept Who I Am, What I Am, and that in My Creation of human life, I instilled so many conditions and available situations to aid the human mentalities to more fully understand how close I am to them, by sharing with them how deeply I love human life, by instilling in them for the basics in so many factors, conditions, understandings, abilities, and degrees of intellect that are to be used for the good of the Souls in the ones all these things were placed.

I instilled the Foundation for Sainthood in a degree and a manner open to all characteristics, all mentalities, and all different natures that human beings are the custodians of.  No one is ever left out.

There are thousands of Words I could speak in all languages that are adopted and adapted by different human beings, but as I chose this little one I deliver so much through, I use the one means that she is accustomed to.

My Love for all of human life is boundless, and I have given to the world one small voice, but she was instructed to put into print What I Willed others to remember, but also to have the advantage of learning about all the advantages that human life can use, thus giving them the privilege to know that in My Love for human life, I did not ignore the importance of being close to them in a manner and degree beyond what the flesh was instilled with.

The design of human life was for one Portion of human life, but the abilities to hear, to speak, to act, to control their manner of thoughts, and also their manner of living, the list is so endless, too long for this little one to repeat, but each time I speak, it is to express openly to those who will read the Words or hear about Them, to more fully understand I created human life to one day return That Portion of it to Me, for It to be called ‘a Saint’, Here Where I Am.

As I close My Words I smile at the little one, because when I speak, she always is concerned that the Words she repeats are exactly What I deliver to her and through her, to help others learn and follow What I Will them to use to return to Me, a Saint.”

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