ON APRIL 6, 2004 AT 12:43 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

When I speak These Words, I speak Them in a degree and a way for all who read Them to understand that as I announce Myself in this Format, there is so much that I could speak about, helpful to the mentalities of all ages of life, human life, and all backgrounds created in the human way.

In My Creation of What I Willed human life to be like, I used many different degrees of how I would expect, or how I would direct, or how I would design all that would be to come, capable of addressing this Gift of My Divine Love for all time.

I speak differently, because to speak in a simple form regarding the Creation of human life, would be and is beyond what the human mentality could fully understand Each Step I Took, Each Move I Made, Each Decision I Declared to be, thus allowing those who would be created in the lifestyle of the time in which they were created, would be capable of understanding what surrounded them, what was expected of them, and My Purpose for the creation of them.

I have, of late, delivered and requested Many Here with Me to deliver important Words, thus allowing those in the state of life now, to more fully understand the Gifts of human life are numerous.  One, of course, is the learning state, to understand the basic knowledge of the Creation of man; thus, it having to be from a Higher Plane than the human mentality can perceive it in knowledge or in fact.

Since the Creation of human life, I have allowed stages of knowledge and many other abilities, for human lives to be able to more readily understand that to be created in this degree of living matter was a privilege, is a privilege, not just a Command.

So much has occurred since the first ones were created in the human way, form, mentality and abilities.  It took time — many, many, many, many, many years to fulfill My Will to occur, thus helping those who were in the living human state, to more fully understand that it also was to make them see the Importance, the Reality, the Dignity and the Goal that each one created was instilled with, a Portion of What I Am, Who I Am, thus giving to them more than anything else created, or would be created in My Future Plans.

I will speak more on this at a later time, because the Power I have used on one little body, one mind, one who walks for Me in the world and listens only for The Divine.

Today is a day to be remembered by even those who feel they have studied so much regarding Me, What I Am, How I Am, Who I Am.

As I close These Words, I bless those who have put Them into script, and I bless the little one for her love of Me, because I use her and have used her for a very long time, to give to the world more than what is already inscribed, but to give them the strength, the courage, the knowledge to use all they are gifted with to help others more fully understand that human life should be seen for the Greatness of this Gift because, do not forget, I put One upon the earth called ‘The Son of God’ at another time, thus pointing to human ways, understanding, that through human life, thousands and thousands and thousands would be given the Gift of human life, all bearing a Portion of What I Am, Who I Am.

I will close now, for the little one can take no more of My Power at this time.”

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