ON APRIL 13, 2004 AT 12:42 PM


“I am Saint Angela Merici.

There are so Many Saints Who continuously absorb Their Time, Their Love, Their Care to This Gift of The Father’s Love for all of human life, not just those who are here.  The Words are plentiful when They are spoken, alerting a specific subject of importance to be cared about, and be conscious of.

The Father has given so many Blessings openly at this time through one small voice.  We All smile, because from the beginning of This Act of His Divine Love, many men, women and children questioned He would use one small voice for so much to be spoken Directing, and in His Caring, because of the Souls that were the Custodians of a Great Part, but also a Portion of individuals, not speaking out loud to the individual in which They were using Their time and/or Their abilities to intercept when it was necessary.

I know My Words will be difficult for some to understand, but if the human mentality is so alert, has so much ability in it to understand all that it does understand, would it not then also understand the Closeness The Creator has to human life, every facet of it, every portion that He created them to be alert to, and to have a conscience about, and an innate understanding that to walk the human road was a Gift of Divine Love with a Goal Greater than the human mentality can perceive It, or could perceive It at the beginning of time?

I speak differently, I know, but I speak to assure you that to live your daily way is a Gift of Divine Love.  It has purpose to it, it has reasons for it, and it has an acute understanding of ways to help you.  You do not feel them, but sometimes you wonder why something occurs that you know you would not have thought about doing, or being part of.

The closeness human life has with The Divine is beyond what the human mentality can perceive it to be, but I assure you, it is a Gift of Divine Love, doing everything to encourage a human being to reach for the Goal that they have heard about, ‘Sainthood’, Another Way of living The Father’s Way, for His Will to be accomplished in a way different than you walked as a human being.

I know I speak in a degree and manner some might question who read These Words, but nonetheless, These Words are to give you the courage, the strength, the understanding, and the innate logic that The Creator of All Things thought of everything, and when human life was created, He instilled in it many Gifts, but the Greatest Gift He instilled was a Portion of Himself, but bears a very small word called ‘the Soul’.  He blesses you with this Gift every moment of every day.

I beseech you, for the sake of your Soul and for the Future of your way, never let a day go by that you do not thank The Father for all that He has instilled in you to give life hope, talents, energy, allowing abilities to abound, giving you the freedom to make human life interesting, but even more than this, to have a Goal Greater than anything earthly could be considered.

As I close, I say, ‘Remember, as you speak about love in your way of human ways, never forget, The Father created you because of His Love for human life.’”

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