ON APRIL 20, 2004 AT 12:29 PM


“I am Saint Angela Merici.  I smile when I say My Name, because the one The Father chose for such an Important Task, was educated in a church, a building, a school that bore the Name of Mine.  She used to ask Me questions.  I always smiled at this, because her innocence in how she felt, knowing I was a Saint and she was in a school that bore My Name, she prayed to Me a lot.

Today I have come on a Mission of Great Importance.  Today hopefully will be the beginning for all present here, and all who will read the Words I am delivering.

To be created a human being is special in many ways.  There is hope in its very conception, and then the hope grows through the years.  Hope is important to human life.  It gives strength, energy, and closes out fears that are weakening, and many times diabolical.

Today as I speak, I speak with much Happiness, because in This Gift designed by The Father, wherein so Many of Us Saints have the privilege to dictate Words of Direction, of Hope, instilling more understanding of the importance of prayers, and living a life dedicated to The Creator, and then, of course, automatically love for The Mother of The Creator.  This alone is a Gift to all of human life, just knowing these points of what would be called ‘logic’, ‘interest’, and something that in the beginning of time was not known.

My next Words are Words that you have heard before:  You live in a time of great sadness, because there is so much diabolical intercession, thus ignoring the Gifts of The Holy Father that created human life, with only in mind for it to live Forever, to be returned to Him and be called ‘a Saint’.

I could speak endlessly on this subject, because it is so important that human beings of all ages never ignore that there is a Goal for That Portion of them that basically is obvious to them, even though they cannot see It or hear It, but the Soul many times is That Portion of human life that awakens the mentality to think in a more beautiful way, and not in a manner to please the enemy who uses every way possible to intercept, interfere, and cause an individual to sin.

As I close These Words, I must say first, ‘I thank The Father for having so much Patience, and so much Love for the human way of life, thus giving to it so much Caring in allowing This Gift of His Divine Love to speak openly, and allowing It to be put into print so that every human being can read It or hear about It, because It is enlightening the mentalities of so many to become Saints.’

As I close, I say, ‘God bless those who have taken My Words today, and please, Father, give them the strength to never walk away.’”

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