ON MAY 21, 2004 AT 11:50 AM


“I am The One called ‘Jesus’.  I am known to be The Son of The Heavenly Father.  In reality, We are One.  Just as you live what is called a human life and you have an intellect and much understanding on important things to guide you, even drive you to follow Rules of your life, that in many ways is protection for what you are, how you were created to be in every thought, word and deed, you are Blessed in this manner of Creation of Mine, because in this creation, I placed an Important Portion of Who I Am, What I Am.

There is Great Purpose to human life, not always understood, but through This Gift that I speak so many things and so many times, I do it to give you the courage, the understanding, the ability to see the Greatness of the Goal that awaits your Soul, to be returned to Me for All Eternity.

I bless those who accept My Time at this time, and use It in protection of their Soul that is a Portion of Who I Am, What I Am.  Always remember, as you desire to be protected from wrong, I desire to be protected by you when there is injustice pointed My Way.

I bless all who are created, because I am, in many ways, happy to see them return That Portion of Who I Am within them, when that time comes to be.”

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