ON MAY 28, 2004 AT 12:28 PM


“It is true, there are Seven of Us present.  I am Saint Anthony of Padua.  I am Saint Josaphat.  I am Saint Robert Bellarmine.  I am Saint Francis of Assisi.  And Our Lord saying, ‘I am your Father.’ The Others will not speak Their Names at this time.

This Gift that has been delivered, that is so important to the lives of thousands of human beings, due to the fact that each time a Saint speaks, it is to give strength, more understanding, and Direction to those who hear the Words and to those who read the Words, due to the fact that it is so important, for at this time in which you live there are many who discern incorrectly the Importance of human life, why it was created, and the Goal for which it is created.

The little one We All use to transfer Our Thoughts, Our Words to be put into script, so that thousands and thousands and thousands of human beings of all ages will have the privilege to more fully understand more about The Creator, Who I Am, and about All Who walk with Me at a time when men, women and children do not feel a closeness to The Divine.

Prayer is important when it is spoken openly or silently, because prayer gives strength to the mind, the body and the Soul that nothing else can.  A ‘Sign of The Cross’ with one’s own hand has a strength in it.  It is not always felt, but most of the time there is a sense of advancement in the mentality, but also, it gives strength where it is needed in the body.

Thousands and thousands of Words could speak on and on, regarding the Importance of human life and that it has been Blessed by Almighty God in a way, a degree, not always understandable to the human mind, but nonetheless, it is felt in a way that will last until the next prayer is said.

As I close These Words at this time, there are Many, Many of Us Here.  It is always a joy to be able to deliver Words of Encouragement, of Instruction, and of Divine Love, giving help wherever It can reach the mentality to give strength how an individual faces each day, always remembering that all that need be said is:

‘I love You, God.  Thank You for this day.’”

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