ON JUNE 2, 2004 AT 12:47 PM


“We All gather as We often do, because of the need for Souls to be helped in so many ways that is not understood by human beings.  The Father, in His Love for His Creation of human life, has given to the world one voice at this time, to speak What He Wills All to be heard, All to be put into script, and All to be remembered for Their worth.

The human way of life is gifted with many facets to it, in it, designed to aid it, to give it strength, and also to give it courage.  Courage is not an impossible Gift to be handled by the one in whom it is placed.  It is oftentimes based on logic and human interest, understanding, and realization that The Father would give such a Gift to the human way of life, encouraging all ages to understand more readily, how important it is to be able to speak, to be able to think, to be able to have sight with the eyes, and to have a sensitivity within them for all things to be seen necessary, to either change situations, conditions, or to be soothing to what is occurring, and what is right.

I speak differently on this day, but I speak with much concern and Divine Love for those who walk to follow The Father’s Will, even when they do not pray.

Prayer is a communication between the Individual and the one who prays, but to use one’s mentality to offer aid where it is needed, is beyond what it is understood to be because, do not forget, when you need help on many things, do you not pray to The Heavenly King and to All The Saints that you are acquainted with?

Hope is a Gift of Divine Love, but it is also a gift of one human being to another where it is seen needed, and where it will give strength, opportunity, perseverance, and cause only what is right, what is applicable to the necessity available.

You are Blessed in many ways, those who take These Words, but always remember, you are also Blessed when you take the time to give hope to one of your kind that walks the human way.”

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