ON JUNE 8, 2004 AT 12:41 PM


“I am Saint Angela Merici.

I smile at this little one who repeats My Words, for there was a time when she would question My Name and wondered what Merici meant for her.

The world has been Blessed abundantly, I must say, through those who have accepted Spiritual Identity with strength, hope, and the ability to have courage in how they act, in how they aid others to learn.

In so many places throughout the world, there are many who cannot accept there being a Holy Trinity.  Then there are those who cannot understand why the Soul of an individual has to suffer to gain Sainthood.  Now, the suffering is not as it is expected to be.  It is what The Father places within the Soul, so the Soul will be Pure in every aspect of It when He meets with the Soul Personally.

You live in a time when and where there are so many different ideas on what is morally sound, what is morally clean, and what is morally acceptable to The Divine.

Today, as so Many of Us speak through This Gift, Our desire, Our aim is to awaken the mentalities of millions of human beings for the good of Souls of the ones who believe in this Gift of life, but also, those who need to more fully understand the Beauty of being created a human being.

I speak differently, but it is important that the aim to become ‘a Saint’ should always be in the mentality, not necessarily expounded upon formally or intimately with others.  It can be that close Association with The Holy Trinity that will give it more strength, more endurance, and more capability.

As I close My Words at this time, I smile, for those who take My Words are always, in Many of Us Here, watched daily.  So as I close These Words, I say, ‘The Father blesses you for your Faith, and the beauty in which you have the ability to spread the Words, to encourage thousands or millions to start to think more indepthly on what a Beautiful Goal human life has in the privilege to become a Saint.’”

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