ON JUNE 25, 2004 AT 11:45 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

I hold the little one tightly because of the Power I use for My Will to be delivered for the sake of millions of Souls.

As I speak These Words, only One besides herself hears What I have to say.  That is why I request so many others to put into print What they hear Me deliver through her, because My Love for human life is beyond what It is understood to be.

In All My Words that I speak through her with, it is to help others more fully comprehend that I am present in a degree, a way sometimes difficult to be understood by them, but My Words are to deliver in a Personal way, My Love for this Creation of Mine, human life; the Goal for the Souls that each human being is the custodian of, because the Soul is a Gift of My Divine Love that nothing else created has.

What the Soul does is more than is understood to be, but It gives to human life the knowledge that I Will them to know because of the Importance of human life in regard to the Soul.  So many find it difficult to understand because they cannot see the Soul, but they innately know that human life is in a category of Beauty and Divine Love that nothing else has.

I will close at this time, but I Will you to understand My Divine Love is in every human being born, and it is My Will for the Soul to be returned to Me in the Beauty and Love of being called ‘a Saint’.”

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