ON JUNE 26, 2004 AT 11:42 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

It is important that All that has thus far been delivered must be spread throughout the world.  Notice must be taken regarding how I have used this little one to repeat My Words, for others to better understand the role they play as being a Gift of My Divine Love, so that My Will will spread wherever there is need, caring, or the desire to follow What I speak, because all human beings, as you call it ‘human life’, has a Portion of Me within it, thus separating human life from all other living matter or things.

Communication verbally, physically, has an in-depth meaning to it, and it must never be regarded as not important, except of course, if it is impure, unjust, or not what I Will it to be, thus using it to appease all wrong, all impure things, ways, intentions.

I speak differently, because there are so many subjects that need to be covered, due to the fact that all mentalities have different acceptances of what appeals to them, or what they are interested in, or how they will things to be.

All I have just spoken is different than I usually speak, but it is important for all ages of human life to be aware of their human behavior, wanting others to imitate them.

I have spoken differently today, but I promise you the Words are important, even if They only are used for one individual or two, to be mindful that everything they do, everything they say, everything they are example of, can be imitated either the right or the wrong way.

I beseech you to remember My Words, because each human being is a reflection to all others that they meet, and example is one of the greatest sources of communication that can be helpful, instructive, and/or impure.

Remember this, I beseech you.”

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