ON JUNE 29, 2004 AT 8:43 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

Since I have given to the world My Love for human life through one small individual, it does not mean I do not care for all of human life, because I do care, thus giving one who would speak My Words openly, to awaken the mentalities through the printed Word on how I feel about this creation that has a Purpose, a Goal, a Reason, to fully understand I did not create human life without a Purpose and a Goal, because I placed within it a Portion of Who I Am, What I Am.  It is called ‘the Soul’.

I am often repetitive on this subject, because I want the importance of it to be so deeply imbedded that no human being cannot understand the Closeness I have with every human being created, according to My Divine Plan.

I hear so many individuals say: ‘There has to be a God.  How could all this have been done without One such as He?’ This statement is rational, logical, but oftentimes it is forgotten when circumstances cause the individual to partake in some act, some venture, some idea, some purpose that basically is illogical to follow if one understands the close Association they have with Me.

I use This Gift of My Divine Love through one small voice to attract attention to Me, trying to instill into their mentalities My In-depth Love for this Creation of Mine, human beings.

As I close My Words on this day, I assure you, I am never far away.”

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