ON JULY 1, 2004 AT 12:03 PM


“This little one is going through another in-depth relationship with Who I Am, for the purpose that will instill in others more understanding, more direction, and hopefully more belief that My Presence to them is available each time they pray to Me.

The act of prayer has become lesser and lesser, due to the excuses that each one’s life is so occupied with necessities they feel interfere with their Spiritual motivation.  They also claim that it does not diminish their love for Me, only their time.

This statement is logical to mankind, but illogical; but excusable in their sense of reality, in how they prepare themselves for the time to be called ‘a Saint’.

There are Many Saints Here in the Heavens that are not recognized by those yet living the human way, but My Love for those who have served Me and spoken to Me in private ways, I have not forgotten.

Today as I speak, it is important that millions of minds awaken to the Future, and put less time on the physical practices that please only for the time they are used.

My Goal for the Souls for everyone I have created is Far More Important than the human evaluations of what is important.  I also add to this, that when an individual makes ‘The Sign of The Cross’ on themselves, I would prefer it be done more spiritually, more respectfully, no matter where they are.

As I close My Time at this time, I am never out of sight.  My Presence never leaves.  This may sound difficult to understand, but as The Creator of All Things, My Presence is always available.

With My Words at this time, I bless those who take the time to put into script What hopefully will awaken the mentalities of thousands of human beings when they read What I have spoken in My Divine Love for this Creation of Mine that I am a Part of at all times.”

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