ON JULY 3, 2004 AT 11:57 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

I have Blessed the world of human life, because in this Creation of Mine I instilled a Portion of What I Am.  That Portion is the mentality to be able to judge what is right over what is wrong, pure over impure, just over unjust.

In My instilling into the mentalities, it was to give human lives the strength to perceive that human life had a Goal.  That Goal was not spoken about in detail until I released it in a loving Spiritual understanding.

The first creations of human lives did not have this to help them, but they innately knew that there were things that they should accomplish, things they were given privy to, to aid them in their manner of association with other human beings.

The world has so many things wherein each human being can see that the world is only the beginning of life, and that there is a Goal Greater for them to reach.

I have based so much on instilling an understanding for the mentalities to recognize My Love, though It is Divine, should be remembered by all who walk the human role that I, at one time, made Myself as a human being.

Many will find it difficult to fully understand on how I have spoken at this time, but I say it to awaken many mentalities that in My Love, I created One such as I Am for others to value human life, as they are the recipients of a Portion of Who I Am.”

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