ON JULY 7, 2004 AT 11:57 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

I smile when I say the Words that I just used to her as she knelt at the Altar to receive My Love in what is called ‘The Holy Trinity’.  I said, ‘I could speak to you, through you, a thousand Words.’ The littleness she is was shocked at this Wording, but now I have told her to relax.  I would not do this to her.

This Gift of My Divine Love is not fully understood for the Greatness It is, the Importance It is, or the Purpose It is.

Human life, in all degrees of mentalities, would find it difficult to fully understand that My Love for human life is incomparable to what human life understands love to be.

In so many ways, human beings think of the word ‘love’ as something beyond what they understand it to be, because the word ‘love’ is used in so many ways, but not in its fullest measure of meaning to so many who feel the word ‘love’ is according to their understanding.

Love is a companionship.  Love is a communion of understanding what another individual relates to another individual.  In many ways, it is an association of communication that has within it a closeness that the word ‘love’ associates the human mentality with.  Love can mean a sincere desire to understand another individual whose mind is in association with extensive learning, extensive communication that is becoming to both individuals; it can be three, four, five people involved.

The word ‘love’ is oftentimes mis-understood.  It oftentimes is associated with just a physical communication.

I, in My Way, love My Creation, human life, because in this creation I have instilled the ability to return love My Way, by understanding more about My Reasonability of creating human lives.

The word also means a desire to have an understanding based on communication.

When I created families, it was to help human beings more indepthly see the value of human life, and that they had a purpose, and that was to create another human being, or more.

I will not speak long at this time, but My Love for human life is the Foundation for why I created human life, and that is to one day return to Me That Portion of human life that is a Portion of Who I Am, What I Am.

Love is often misunderstood in the wrong context of what it means, but Love was My Way of instilling an in-depth feeling for What is instilled in all human beings.  The word ‘human’ is very important, because My Love for human life caused Me to instill within it a Portion of What I Am, Who I Am.  It is called ‘the Soul’.  Remember this.”

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