ON JULY 12, 2004 AT 12:37 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

When I choose to speak through This Gift of My Divine Love, I always speak in a manner comfortable for you to be able to take What I say and put It into print, for It to be read another day.

In the human manner of creation, I instilled into it many, many things:  the importance of understanding what others would speak, and of course, how an individual would think themselves.

Then I instilled the beauty of color, to add to the eyes something that would bring happiness, joy, and create a different mode or way of seeing things.

In the heart of human life, it was to give an individual so many things.  The consciousness of the beat of the heart was to instill the act of living, always to be remembered in one’s abilities, and one’s understanding of the importance of activity, action, that even in the mentality would be helped in a greater degree through the beat of the heart, because you see, as I walked the earth in the human way, I had a Heart that responded to everything I did and that I would say.

The heart is an open sign of living, of being able to practice certain things, and to accommodate the mentality in learning that action has within it a Gift of doing many things.

It is important that as you live each day, remember to understand that every portion of your life, your body, has a purpose and a reasonability, because though your mentality has a stationary means, it is active every moment of every day, because within it, I instilled important things to give to human life the ability to think, to say, and use the mind as a means of motion, as a means of undertaking responsibilities, and as a means to respond to everything one is surrounded by.

The mind is an important part, just as the heart is, in your life every day.

Remember What I have just spoken, because Each Word was delivered because of My Love for what I created, called ‘the human being’.”

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