ON JULY 14, 2004 AT 11:47 AM


“She is more with Me in degrees not understandable to the human concept or ability, thus allowing her presence and Words to be as I Will Them in My Divine Way; thus, to instill in millions of human beings that in their so-called ‘relationship with Me’, I give to them the Value of a Relationship not fully understood by the mentality of human beings.

I show her to you in a way and degree to help you better understand that I have chosen one small human being to learn more, and adapt more abilities to be able to separate Who I Am, and the physical version of you, what human life has been designed to be.

I show you through her appearance, that her actions and communication is translated for My Will, for It to be seen in a Higher Degree of Communication than the human mentality would be able to imitate, due to the fact that What I speak is an In-depth Proportion of My Desire to be able to strengthen the human personality, based on how they receive Me.

Though My Power is of Great Importance, I have always submitted and committed a more understandable communication with human beings, thus giving to them the privilege to express their degree of association that is incomparable in how I address all things.

The Divine Power I use to aid all degrees of intellect has a Strength in It, a purpose in It, and an obvious Ability to be able to separate My Gift, My Love, My Strength, My Purpose, helping all of human life to see the rationalization of Communication; thus, in giving to them not just a stronger view on subject matter, but a personal advantage to better understand, to more fully comprehend the differences and the abilities human interpretations oftentimes dismisses or crosses out, imitating what they feel is not their manner of pursuing a closer means, thus repeating All that is delivered by Me in a more close identification to My Willingness to share how I deal with the Importance of the Soul.  This is least used in the human state, because in the human way, there are many personal interpretations that reflect only what the individual indicates to be.

I could write thousands of pages on this subject, but I assure you, I intend to use What I know is best, using time to give strength, more understanding to all who will find what so many human beings have practiced, is based on what the human assumes it to be.

I bless those who take the Words, and I bless those who will read the Words openly, because the human mentality must concentrate more on the Divine Relationship that tends more Concern and Divine Love in all aspects, all participations, all opinions, and all results.

Do not forget, the mind is the channel I use to encourage, to instill what I Will is important, but in My Love for human lives, I want all mentalities to awaken and persevere to do all things to eventually become a High Saint with Me in Heaven.”

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