ON JULY 14, 2004 AT 12:58 PM


“In My Creation of human life, each human being created I instilled a Portion of Myself, called ‘the Soul’.

This is not always thought about for what It means to the body.  It is many times spoken in a casual manner, in the degree of understanding that does not measure up to the Importance of this Gift, that basically is a Portion of Who I Am, What I Am.

In My Creation of human life, I did many things to give it the strength to be able to absorb, to perceive, to accomplish, and to be able to realize that I wanted It returned to Me.

So many individuals talk about important facts of their degree of living, but so few mention that within them they have Gifts to give to their lives abilities, perseverance, and a conscious knowledge that there is more to life than living it in the form of flesh.

So many men, women and children speak openly on many things, but rarely innately understand that in My Creation of human life, I used every method, means, that would give to human life special appointments to be able to use, to accomplish all that human life would one day need, or have the need to use.

Let Me take this for an example:  tears from the eyes.  They are not just a reaction of sadness or joy, but they are important to the eyes.

Let Me take now what is the nose:  The nose was designed to give aid for several factors in daily living; breathing was one, and there are other things that will automatically come to the mind.

My List could be endless on every facet of human life.  What is seen on the outside is only one part of human life.

All that I designed for the inside of a human body was to give it the abilities to perform physically, mentally, using all that was instilled at the moment of birth, for the individual to live a manner of life that would work with the Soul that was implanted at the moment of conception.

Hours could be spoken on My Divine Love.  I have never once decided it to be different, so as I close My Words, I say to all who will read These Words and all who will learn about These Words, to remember:  Along with the physical, and all the attributes of the physical, I instilled a mentality that would serve Me, that would in all ways aid the Soul that no one sees, but innately knows that within them they have Something of Great Importance.

As I close My Words, I remind you:  The Soul, as a Portion of What I Am, Who I Am, please, return It to Me.  That is the Only Thing I request to be returned to Me, in a state of Purity.”

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