ON JULY 15, 2004 AT 11:27 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

All who profess to believe in Me, in Who I Am, What I Am, is very important, because you see, Faith in The Divine through time, was put into script; but when I walked the earth at another time, I walked it to give hope, to give strength, and to give to human life the Reality of Who I Am, What I Am, and that in My Creation of this Personal Gift of My Divine Love, it is innate in Me to want all things pure, honest, and beneficial to the Soul of every human being.

Though the Soul cannot be seen, It is felt through one’s mentality of innately understanding that there is a meaning to life that nothing else created is the recipient of.

The Beauty of My Love is unquestionable, because of My Love in My wanting all Souls to return to Me as ‘Saints’.

Heaven is not known in Its full measure in the human way, the human understanding, or the human belief, yet human beings upon the earth automatically want things that are helpful to them and give them the feeling of beauty surrounding them.

There is hope in beauty.  There is love in beauty.  There is respect in beauty, because the human mentality has been instructed, by just being human, that there is a right and a wrong, a good and an evil, a beauty and an ugliness to choose from.

I could speak endlessly through This Gift of My Divine Love, because I want all denominations of so-called ‘religious understanding’, to more indepthly sense that I, as The Creator, would have a Purpose and a Goal for a Portion of every human life created, because in this Creation of Mine, it was given reminding human beings of all backgrounds, that the Gift of human life logically came from a Higher Source of Love than the human mind knows love to be.

I could speak endlessly on this subject, because Truth such as I have just spoken is a Gift, wanting all who read It to more indepthly understand, My Love for human life is above and beyond what even I planned for this Creation of Mine, a long time ago.”

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