ON JULY 17, 2004 AT 11:46 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

I speak often through this little one, and it has been a very long time that I hold this Communication with her from The Divine.  In This Gift of allowing so much to be talked about, instructed in such a personal communicative manner, should encourage those who read the Words that it would be difficult, or even impossible, for anyone to speak so openly in My Name.

This Gift I have given to the world is oftentimes dismissed by those who feel they have great devotion to Me.  Perhaps they do, and I do appreciate it when I hear them.

Today as I speak the Words understandable to men, women and children, it is to give to them the reality that My Existence shows, because My Words are in a manner and way that only I would dare to say and have put into print, bearing My Name.

Each day of living to the human life, is a day that should be held in respect and as a reminder that the day could be a day of dedication, because the Soul is given happiness when the Words from Who I Am, Where I Am, are spoken in a manner and a degree personal; thus, sometimes awakening the one who reads the Words that My Presence is constantly there, all hours of the day.

In My Creation of human life, it was to share a ‘Gift’ Greater than the human mind could compare It to any other living matter or thing.  My Love for this creation is so In-depth, because one day when the Soul is returned to Me, happiness will abound in Heaven Where I Am.

The word ‘Heaven’ to human life is an unknown Place, but I assure you, It is a Place of Glory, Happiness, Beauty, and sharing with Me so much that the human way of life has never had the privilege of.

I will close My Words, because I could speak endlessly on how much I want all Souls to return to Me, because each human life created is given a Soul, and the Soul is the recipient of a Portion of What I Am, Who I Am.  The Soul I want returned to Me, bearing the name of the one in whom It was placed at the moment of his or her conception.

I could speak more on this.  I will at a later time.”

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