ON JULY 18, 2004 AT 1:24 PM


“There is no moment in the day that One of Us or More, does not request The Father for permission to speak through This Gift of such Great Importance that was given to the world for the benefit of Souls to be returned to The Creator, Saints.

The world has been Blessed abundantly, and Many Saints Here in the Heavens speak constantly, even when They do not mention Their Names, because Each One Here in the Heavens wants all Souls, of all degrees of backgrounds and intellects, to return to The Creator and be called ‘Saints’.

The word ‘Saint’ to many individuals is not understood, because it is taken for granted that it cannot be associated with the human manner of living, because only the human side is thought about, and the word ‘Saint’ is rarely spoken as being a Part of a living portion of a living human being’s manner of life.

Several of Us are present at this moment because of the importance of this Message that all human lives must understand, because It will give them more logic on the reasonability of why they should look at life as a Gift of Divine Love, having a Purpose, a Reason and a Goal.

More will be spoken on this subject because it is of such great importance.

It is sad for Me to make My next Statement, but to think of one’s Soul as a Portion of The Father, and understand that you, as a human being, are a custodian of this Gift at the moment of your conception until the day It is removed and returned to The Father when the human life no longer exists, is rare.

So Many of Us Saints plead with The Father to be able for Us to speak more often.  He smiles at Us and says, ‘I appreciate Your caring for the Souls, and I will tell You when I Will You to pass Words on that will give hope, strength, perseverance, and Divine Love for what You Will to be done, in not just respect for the Souls, but Your understanding regarding the Importance of the Souls.’

I close My Words and say, ‘Since I have given the world so much to learn at this time regarding the Importance of human life, My Blessings abound when I hear individuals and their Souls plead with Me for the sake of the Souls to be able to be thought of as Saints.’”

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