ON JULY 21, 2004 AT 12:40 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

In the Creation of human life, many things came into a reasonable understanding that human life would be subjected to an ultimate amount of subject matter, and also, times that it would be necessary to have the correct answer for the benefit of progress, of knowledge to be seen for what it was, and the innate ability of those who would be chosen to be able to answer above and beyond what most individuals would be able to show, that they were in line with the meanings that were appointed at another time.

As I speak differently, I speak in a manner and way that is far beyond what I can describe, because through This Gift of Divine Love wherein so many subjects become part of What is spoken, What is delivered for others to think about, and for others to realize that the Creation of human life was instilled with a monumental amount of logic, understanding, due to the fact that human lives would be subjected to other human beings of different degrees of understanding, and also of background.

Backgrounds are important, because in the growth of an individual much of their understanding depends upon where they were born, and the communication they had with a learning of so many subjects that otherwise they could not become part of with individuals that were of a different background, nature, or degree of mental understanding.

Though I speak differently, I speak with Deep Love for human lives, because the very Gift of human life is far greater than it is accepted to be.  There are so many facets to it that allow an individual to see beyond what they are associated with personally.

Let us take, for instance, the Gift of light.  Sometimes light just occurs during a certain portion of the day, but then there is another Light when an individual begins to learn a subject that they have not understood before, have not been in communication with to learn about, thus giving to human life an advantage, but a Gift of more fully understanding that in the Creation of human life, so much was open, was available for the human mentality to more fully understand the Gifts of Divine Love were so numerous, not just educationally, but spiritually.

What I have just spoken may be difficult for some to fathom in their manner of living, but I speak These Words to encourage one’s ability to see beyond what routine of daytime to them would close up, without being able to further what they can more fully understand, giving to life not just more energy, but the beauty of understanding the value of learning about other things, because throughout the world this is an Endless Entity of Divine Love.  It gives hope.  It also gives more of an in-depth Faith in The Divine.”

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