ON JULY 23, 2004 AT 12:12 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

This Gift I have bestowed upon the world of human lives is far greater than it is willing to be accepted.  The negative reactions to It are in many ways abominations to the Importance of only what Divine Love could be so Generous with.

This little one walks a tightrope every day of her living life, because in her desire to appease all that is unjust and please all that is spiritually practical, logical, beneficial and based on Divine Will, is oftentimes used in the wrong manner, wrong way.  The enemy encourages this, but It Must Cease!

Some individuals innately feel that to walk the road this little one walks is easy in all aspects of It, and All Deliveries that they misinterpret on their own human practices and human weaknesses, because it is so difficult to follow what is more obviously Divine in what it perceives the Messages to be.

We hear individuals say, ‘I think my own way, understanding it to be acceptable, meaningful and understandable, because I am a human being.’ So much personal interpretation ignores one’s Soul, thus there being the Soul as a recipient of everything a human being thinks, partakes in and practices as being pleasing to The Holy King.

I have put the little one I speak through, in a very strict manner of dictation because of the importance of What is to be revealed according to Divine Will, thus ignoring much human interpretation based on what they fail to believe; so, consequently, they use what is their own evaluation on what the Words, or the actions, or the responsibilities should be in their manner of being able to cope more to their liking, and more to their satisfaction in living the human way.

You live in a time where so much misinterpretation, and a deep, almost retaliation to What The Father Wills for them to more fully understand.  Some of this is based on the fact that, the fact in which they feel is their privilege and their responsibility because of how they think, how they interpret, how they evaluate, and how they consider what they are capable of using in their human way of determining, of what not only pleases them, but gives them the right of what they call ‘freedom of speech’.

Needless to say, I could speak multiple amount of pages on these subjects, but My Love for human life is Far Greater than It is known to be, or I should say, cared about, because I am a Voice that speaks, but the fact that I cannot be seen eliminates the importance of the Value that I Will, I Wish, I Pray will be read for the Beauty, the Interest, the Deep Concern, the Hope and My Love as The Creator, will give strength and a deeper understanding that no one is alone in the world at any time, at any place, in any way.”

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