ON JULY 26, 2004 AT 11:25 AM


“The Purpose for This Gift of My Divine Love is beyond what the human mind can perceive It to be, because in My Creation of All Things, I have and had a Reason, a Purpose and a Goal, many times unlike the human mind could perceive it to be.

My Love for this Creation of Mine, in which I have instilled so many valuable abilities, and also the Gift of understanding that there has to be a Higher Power than mankind can perceive It to be.

In My Creation of all that I have thus far accomplished, there is much more that I Will to be done.  That is why I have given to human life one small body and a little voice to distribute a multiple degree of What I Will human life to more fully understand and realize that human life, in My Creation of it, was to be able to learn how to spread My Will, My Love, for all of human life.

I will close now, but I have more to speak on this subject, thus helping millions and millions of all degrees of intellect to better understand My Love, and My Purpose for creating human life.

I leave These Words with a smile for the little one I have chosen for such a Major Task, and she says to Me, ‘Thank You, God.  I love You.’”

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