ON JULY 30, 2004 AT 11:57 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

I am putting the little one through a severe manner, degree, for a purpose that would not be understandable, even to her.

I have given to the world a Blessing beyond what It is understood to be.  Many times It is not seen for the Greatness and the Divine Love that It was created to be.

My little instrument walks as I Will her to walk, speaks What I Will her to speak, and performs her duties as I request them to be.

All this Personal Association is logical, due to the fact that in My Desire to associate so Personally with so many human lives, I have had to be more open, and perhaps more aggressive in My Words, but My Love for human life is Above and Beyond what the human mentality is capable of perceiving Its Reasonability, and My Hope for the Souls of all human beings, because as the Soul is a Portion of Who I Am, What I Am, I want It to be the Strength, the Hope, the Divine Love and that Entity of service to Me, for the Souls of millions of human beings who, without This Gift I have given through one small body, human beings would not be as understandable, or understanding in how I feel about them.

I always smile at the little one, because her concern for how much I will speak, she fears she might miss a Portion of It, but I assure you, she does not.

Though her body is small, and My Power many times makes it appear weak, her love for Me is much more than she even thinks it to be.

As I have used My Way of reaching thousands of human beings, hopefully it will be millions at a given point, I am so pleased with the love that has worked with Me and for Me in such a loving and giving and serving manner and degree.

I bless all who have partaken in this time that I chose to extend My Love Divine, and My Hopes for the Souls Who, do not forget, are a Part of Me.  Though you cannot see the Soul or hear It verbally, It is in many ways grateful for This Gift that has spoken openly about It, making many individuals aware of Its True Existence.

I will close at this time because the little one’s body is weak, but it does not stop her.  I smile when I say My next Words.  It lovingly stops Me.”

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