ON JULY 31, 2004 AT 12:43 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

There are various situations and conditions that I do not want this little one I use to be the victim of.

Oftentimes things occur that in many ways become maladjustments to how they were created to be, especially when they abuse or portray wrongly What I Will others to see, to hear, and to grow more spiritually because of the Soul that is the victim and should only be the recipient of purity, morality and justice.

I have given to the world a Gift of My Divine Love, a Blessing, because I Will so much to be instructed for the sake of the Souls of millions of human beings that without My Intercession would be cast aside, ignored, and used for all that would be impure, unjust, unkind, thus catering only to those that the enemy uses.

I speak so many times on the Facts, in trying to alert, instill What I Will human beings of all ages to more fully understand that in My Creation of human life, I had only Divine Plan; thus, causing the Souls to be returned to Me because They are That Portion of Who I Am, and that I want Them returned in Purity for their time to be happily acquainted to My Divine Intercession and Plan.

I could speak endlessly on this subject, because My Love for this Creation of Mine was to create what I felt would increase the number of Souls Here in the Heavens, for All to enjoy the Beauty and the Divine Love that is never-ending.

As I close My Words, I say with a smile, ‘Time spent in learning to understand more about the Goal for the Souls of all human life, it pleases Me so much to announce to all who read These Words:  As I greet the Souls Who return to Me to be called “Saints”, I thank those in whom They were placed at another time.’”

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