ON AUGUST 2, 2004 AT 11:46 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

This little one I use to reach thousands and thousands and thousands of human beings.  My Aim is to encourage them, My Desire is to instruct them that they have a Portion of What I Am, Who I Am, within them.  I placed This in each human life created, to give moral strength and desire, understanding that human life was more than anything else created because of My Part of It that is called their ‘Soul’, that nothing else created is the recipient of.

Without the Soul, human life would have no Goal, and also, would not have the abilities necessary to understand that human life was designed, but also instilled totally in Divine Plan.

So little is understood regarding what a close Association human life is gifted with in its Purpose, its Divine Love in it, and the Goal to return to The Divine, That Portion of it that is Mine.

All Gifts of human life have purpose, reality in them, and definitely distinct from all other things created.  It is a sadness when human beings use what they call their ‘intelligence’, to compare human life to all the other species that are based on purposes, but not the same idealistic Gifts in which human life is the custodian of.

I say these things because I want more understanding to be able to help all ages of human life to value the Gift of human life, because within it there is a Portion of Who I Am, What I Am, that nothing else created is gifted with.  It is the Soul.

The Soul is a Gift Far Greater than It is seen to be, or expected to be, because too much emphasis is placed on materialism, on human accomplishments, thus disregarding the Divine Link of the Soul that is the Strength morally, physically, spiritually, that nothing else is gifted with.

I have Blessed human life with My Love for it and what I expect of it.  I promise you, your Soul is the recipient of all you think, say, and do.  That is how I know you in ways you do not comprehend My True Association through My Divine Plan, to be able one day to Judge how you live.

I want you to remember All that I have spoken, because it is your Soul that will report to Me that what I already know.  My Divine Love for human lives is Far Greater than it is understood to be.

I close These Words with a Blessing to remind you:  My Love for you as a human being is based on how much you give and how you live, how you speak, and how deeply you use all you are, remembering I created you to return to Me, a Saint.”

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