ON AUGUST 4, 2004 AT 1:15 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

Several Saints are standing Here with Me as I speak to you on this day.  Many times They request if They might stay with Me when They know the Words are to be handed to human lives throughout the world.  Most times I say, ‘Yes,’ because it is important for All Here in the Heavens to know What I Will those upon the earth to more fully understand, because as The Saints are so close to those upon the earth, many times what the Saint is aware of can give aid to the one who is about to make a mistake.  There is No One Here in the Heavens that does not desire all Souls to be returned to from Where They came.

Granted, in the Creation of human life, the Soul was not allowed to be seen, because the Soul is the recipient of what a human being consists of, and how the human being practices morals, and how the human being uses the capabilities it is endowed with for many things.

We bring tears to the little one’s eyes, because Our Love is a Love beyond what the human mentality can ever perceive It to be.

When human beings were created, they were given many Gifts, many talents, but also, the ability to know right from wrong, good from evil, love from hate.  In hearing this, some might say, ‘Then why do I not say the correct things all the time?’ I smile at this remark to Me.

What is called ‘the free will’ has many divisions to it.  The free will is a Gift of Divine Love, giving to every human life the ability to use the mentality, or the morals, or the understanding that confronts every human being every day they live the human way.

The choice is a Gift of Divine Love.  It has always been this way, but the important thing is that the human being knows innately what is pure over what is impure, what is just over what is unjust, and what is, in a simple form, right over wrong; but so many times, something or someone, or a condition of situations leaves a deep impression, and the individual chooses what is comfortable at that time, or what they feel is logical at that time.

In the human way of life, there is a natural instinct to care about others.  Now I did not say everyone they meet, but individuals choose other individuals to be closer to, to have more compassion for, and to feel a unification of belonging together.  This, of course, is a Gift of Divine Love, not binding individuals to a situation or condition that would not allow freedom of the will.

As I close These Words, I remind you:  In your creation, you have the privilege to choose what is moral, what is immoral, what is just, what is unjust, what is truth, what is untruth, but above all this, you have the innate sensitivity to understand that one day you will face The Creator and be Judged for all you practiced, you accepted, you partook in, in the human way.  Remember this.”

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