ON AUGUST 5, 2004 AT 12:10 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.  I have come today to speak on a subject of great importance.

In the Creation of human life, there was never a favorite chosen, or a favorite born to live the human life.

All Gifts instilled in the human mentality, human actions, human purposes, are Gifts to aid and to help each human being endure all that they will be faced with in the living state that is so precious to Me, because in this Gift of My Divine Love, I instilled more than is seen, more than is felt, for each individual to partake in the Goal for a Portion of the human life that cannot be seen, but is innately felt every moment of every day, through one’s conscience, one’s mental capacity, and one’s understanding of what is morally right, pure, just and kind, over what all these things would be without the Soul that is so Precious to life, and to Me.

When I hear individuals suddenly learn about the Importance of human life, the Goal for human life, it brings a happiness beyond what could be spoken about it.

I will close now, for I could speak hours on end regarding My Love for human life, and the Goal that awaits it when the physical portion is no longer there; but always remember:  the Soul is That Portion of human life that is the recipient of everything a human being does, thinks, speaks, and all other natural, or so-called ‘natural’ benefits of human life.

I bless those who say to Me:

‘God, please, I want to be a Saint.  Give me the strength, the motivation and the understanding, because I want to return to You for what I was created for in the first place.  Thank You, God, I love You.’”

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